Friday, April 22, 2011

Courageous Vision

Poetry From the Miriam's Kitchen Art Therapy Exhibition

Last night's Live to Read event was a great success. Artists from Miriam's kitchen displayed their works and read poetry inspired by the Lynn Nottage's Ruined, and its persistent theme of courage. Below is the exhibition statement written by Kate Baasch, Miriam's Kitchen's art therapist, and a poem by James Morris.

Artwork from the exhibition.

Courageous Vision - Kate Baasch, MA Art Therapy
The Miriam's Kitchen community is proud to participate in this year's Live to Read. Our partnership with the Humanities Council of Washington, DC and the P Street Whole Foods brings our community together in unprecedented ways- and we invite you to join us. This year's literary selection, Ruined, a play by Lynn Nottage, has encouraged the artists and poets who utilize Miriam's Studio to engage in on-going explorations of what courage means thematically and practically. Through artwork and writing, the artists, writers, and staff of Miriam's Kitchen have delved into the complexities of Nottage's play. The artworks on display here can be thought of as visual records of artists' reflecting, offering, and responding to the challenge Ruined presents us all: What is courage, and what does courage mean in this play; in the torn setting of the Congo; in our own country; in our lives?

What is Courage
James Morris

Courage, oh Courage, the dictionary says your
origin is France and Rome, Romance Languages
indeed. You began with the concept of hear or
spirit, now you have an English accent of
enduring pain and suffering, not romantic at all.

But, you are still the driving spirit of life.
Those you bless are indestructible. A soldier
touched by you finds enemies hiding in fear not
wanting to feel pain or suffer. Mediocre is not seen when you appear

Cupid, another romantic idea, makes people
embrace, such an easy affair. But when
your sword is raised and put in the hands of
your chosen, his training and more shine
bright accomplishing impossible feats.

But soldiers are not your only vehicle. Teachers,
police, firemen, politicians, social workers and
even fallen heroes that suddenly leap from
the Grim Reaper's cycle like a boxer at the
count of ten.

Many many more heroes abound in all walks
of life. Anybody who can still breathe can
suddenly feel your spirit, and even
if fallen by life's fickle choices
will come roaring back to life
and avoid the final crash.

ALL HAIL MOST honorable

Check out more of Morris' work at .

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