Monday, April 25, 2011

Courageous Vision II

More Poetry From Last Week's Live To Read Event

Artwork from Courageous Vision at the P Street, NW Whole Foods

My Philosophy of Life
Dale Demonia a.k.a. MC Lord D

To live is to fly like an eagle
and let your spirit run free
and climbing the highest mountains
and reaching your destiny
and never ever looking back
for you may take a fall
and always praise your almighty God
spreading inspiration wherever you may go,
telling all the people things
what they really need to know
like getting out of the fast lane and taking it slow
life will last a long long time
if we live it slowly in our mind
Life is beautiful it's a gift from God,
that's why we live it softly but not too hard.
To live is to be happy with our heart full of joy
and sometimes living our lives like a fairy story
and always climbing up to the highest height
and working through the day
and making heavenly love at night.
But life does have its ups and downs
that's why we should keep our heads to the sky
and wipe away frowns
and never ever putting anyone down
and live our life proudly like a king wears his crown.
To live is to dream life's most beautiful dreams
like standing on a mountain top like Dr. Martin Luther King
and drinking those fresh waters that runs from a stream.
To live is to enjoy ourself like a child enjoys ice cream
and always lending your fellow man a helping helping hand
and showing all God's children just where you stand.
And remember you are one in a billion like a pebble in the sand.
To live is to love, joy, peace, and caring
and whatever we may do to keep ourselves living free
we should always hod to our dignity.
ps. Ther's one thing we must all remember
that life goes on and on
it locks into all eternity every time a child is born.

Written by me, MC Lord D

About Live to Read

This series of programs is the Humanities Council's annual celebration of literature and city-wide read. All Washingtonians are encouraged to participate in the series of discussions, workshops, and live performances held by the HCWDC and its partners which focus on a single work of fiction.

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