Friday, February 3, 2012

Looking for the Grant Application?

Apply Online for an HCWDC grant Today!

The Humanities Council has gone green, streamlined, digital, and efficient! Our current grant cycle will be the first ever here at the HCWDC to use our new online grants system. The online application will make things easier for us at the office, our reviewers, and also for prospective grantees. Gone are the days of assembling large quantities of paper, multiplying them, and then toting them to the HCWDC office by 5pm on the day of the deadline, now all materials can be written, saved, returned to, attached, uploaded, sent, and verified online!

To begin an application visit our home page at

Click on "Grants" in the main navigation menu

Click "Apply for a Grant Online"

And then click "Create a New Account" to start the registration process

The deadlines and important dates for Cycle I 2012 are:

Feb 10th - All prospective applicants for a Major Grant ($1500 to $5000) must submit a preliminary application which will be reviewed by our Director of Grants. The Director will suggest improvement or updates, and decide which prospective grantees will be invited to apply.

March 9th - All applications for small grants (up to $1500) due. Grantees invited to apply for the Major Grant must submit their final proposals.

April 7th - Grant review panel meets to make final funding decisions.

April 25th - Cycle I grants awards ceremony.

For more information email grants[at]wdchumanities[dot]org.

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