Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making DC Sizzle

Don't Miss the Humanities Council's Annual Distinguished Service to the Humanities Awards

The burner has been turned on, and DC is starting to sizzle! And it's in no small part thanks to this year's Distinguished Service to the Humanities Award winners. DC has always been a hot town, but in recent years, it has gained recognition for its burning and burgeoning art and theatre scene, jazz revival, documentary film production, and academic community. DC nationwide cred is not just political or bureaucratic, these individuals have rocketed it into the cultural stratosphere!

The Humanities Council will bring them all together for one exciting night, for fiery conversation and banter with one another, and with the audience!

Where did Tony Gittens get the idea for an international film festival in Washington, DC, and what did it take for him to make that dream a reality?

DC has always been a hotbed of jazz and art, but find out how Charles Fishman has sent it's popularity soaring with performances all over the city during the DC Jazz Festival, and a host of educational programs for kids!

Philippa P.B. Hughes imagined the Pinkline Project as an invisible connector between Washington's diverse social groups and the city's emerging art scene. Come find out how she unearthed DC's art underground!

Professor Berlin is one of the country's preeminent historians of the African-American experience. Find out how his DC connections have influenced his research!

Sharon Percy Rockefeller has led Washington's flagship public television and radio stations for over 20 years. During that time WETA has produced massively successful documentary films such as Ken Burns' Civil War, as well as works that focus on the history and culture of Washington. Find out how she has contributed to DC's reputation as a documentary film mecca!

Howard Shalwitz has taken The Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company beyond the cutting edge! Not content with simply producing extremely entertaining theater, Shalwitz' shows introduce Washingtonians to critical cultural and social issues. This tendency is exemplified in his latest work Clybourne Park!

The evening's conversation will be moderated by the incomparable Kojo Nnamdi, who has gone a long way toward making DC sizzle as host of The Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU 88.5. 

This intimate evening will offer guests the chance to mingle with the honorees over exquisite Washingtonian fare while listening to live jazz. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Tickets are $100 each and can be purchased online at , by emailing elucero[at]wdchumanities[dot]org, or calling 202-387-8391.

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