Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Humanitini Continues!

Tonight's Conversation Tackles a Contentious But Important Topic

Though Humanitini events are meant to be both fun and informative, they can also cover complex and challenging issues. Tonight's Humanitini panelists have been assembled to discuss gentrification; that ever present, yet hazy socio-economic force that at once seems to bring improved standards of living, and increased displacement.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with gentrification, or new urbanism, is that people are often unwilling to speak openly and honestly about it. Humanitini provides the perfect opportunity for people to express their views on the subject in a safe, judgement-free environment.

Entitled "White House or Black House?," tonight's Humanitini will begin at 6pm at Bar 7. The discussion usually lasts about an hour, and the panelists stick around to talk to the crowd, so stop by whenever you like. The conversation will be led by Rachel Grossman of Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company; scholar Sybil Roberts; Shani Hilton, author of “Confessions of a Black Gentrifier”; scholar Lawrence Guyot; and Jennifer Ragins. Amy Saidman of SpeakeasyDC will moderate.

This Summer's Humanitini series will wrap up next Wednesday with "The ABC's of DC: Americans, Blogs, and Culture." Panelists including Free in DC's Amy Melrose, the Pink Line Project's Philippa Hughes, and the renowned Prince of Petworth will talk about blogging your way to the top!

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