Wednesday, September 1, 2010

30 Stories For 30 Years: Los Treinta

Los Treinta explores 30 years of contributions by the Salvadoran-American community in DC.

The project was created by Quique Avil├ęs, a DC poet, performer, and community activist whose work is dedicated to addressing social issues, and made possible by the DC Humanities Council, which has been celebrating and defining the culture of our city for 30 years. For almost 30 years, Quique has been challenging audiences with his provocative, painful, humorous, poignant, and powerful work. Starting in 1980, Los Treinta tells many stories of real Salvadorans in DC, and celebrates the community’s “Pupusa Power!” It will be performed July 30 and 31 at the Gala Hispanic Theater in Columbia Heights, and is also being woven into a poetic essay by Quique.

1980 marked the beginning of the most intense years of the Salvadoran civil war, and the first year of a surge in migration to the US and Washington DC. The Salvadoran community’s impact on the city was unprecedented: Mount Pleasant, Adams Morgan, and Columbia Heights began to see Salvadoran businesses blossoming as Salvadorans built community and culture in DC.

Today in 2010, the Washington area is home to the second largest Salvadoran population in the country (after LA) and DC is the only city in the country where the majority of the Latino population is Salvadoran.
Join the Humanities Council of Washington, DC as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary as the organization that continues to bring the celebration of cultural heritage to our nation's capital.

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